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Helium Recovery

Maximator Gas Solutions' helium recovery systems allow safe, minimal-loss recovery and recycling of the tracer gas used for testing purposes.


Helium leakage testing 

Helium's natural properties make it perfect as a tracer gas for leakage testing. It is  

  • non-toxic;
  • lighter than air and poses no health risk in an open system due to oxygen displacement;
  • inert, i.e. non-reactive (non-flammable, non-explosive);
  • of sufficiently low concentration in the ambient air (important for the helium-based test method).

As a test gas, helium is used primarily in integral leakage testing of tank systems (e.g. hydrogen tanks for fuel cell vehicles). By adding helium or helium-based mixtures, the tanks can be tested reliably for even the smallest leaks using a sniffer probe and a mass spectrometer. After testing, the valuable helium can be recovered and reused for further testing.

Helium leakage testing 
HELIUM RECOVERY – more important than ever

HELIUM RECOVERY – more important than ever

Helium is becoming scarce. As it cannot be produced chemically or extracted from ambient air due to its low concentration, it is generated as a by-product of natural gas production. However, political, technical and logistical difficulties make sufficient extraction and export of the inert gas from helium-rich natural gas sources unreliable. This leads to further shortages of the resource worldwide and significant price increases.

Maximator Gas Solutions develops helium recovery systems


As a leading expert in high-pressure technology, Maximator Gas Solutions develops helium recovery systems that allow for recycling of the gas used for testing purposes. With the recovery system coupled to our portable container test stands, you can achieve almost complete recovery of valuable helium and reuse it for further leakage tests.

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Maximator Gas Solutions is synonymous for quality and utmost reliability in helium recovery. That is why, as a LifeCycle partner, we provide you with support through a team of highly trained service technicians to ensure that your system operates smoothly.

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