Industry Professional applications for industrial use

The most important requirments for the industrial use of high pressure compressors are maximum power and reliability. We guarantee flexibility and individuality even handling complex issues.

Valuable single componnts or professional complex systems for the indivdiual use are available. We also offer equipment for applications that are dependent on clear air. The MAXIMATOR compressors on offer can be completed by various accessoires. The installation of all kind of systems can be done carefully by our staff.

Work process in progress - Maximator Gas Solutions promisis reliability

No matter which kind of requirements are imposed on us, we look for individual solutions for our industrial custormers. Support and service may be offered at any time. Not-working industiral plants cost unnecessary expenses and time. Since it is therefore imporatant to keep the working process in progress, we try to offer service just in time.

Besides smaller craft and industry businesses we also serve industrial custormers, as for example: the drinks and food indsutry

  • car industiry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • medical companies
  • research laboratories
  • electrical companies
  • sewage plants

Services von Maximator Gas Solutions

Sie möchten eine neue Hochdruckanlage nach neustem Stand der Technik, die den Anforderungen auf lange Zeit genügt? Oder haben Sie etwas Neues vor und suchen nach Lösungen mit optimaler Wirtschaftlichkeit? - Gemeinsam planen und berechnen wir mit Ihnen Ihre perfekte Anlage von Maximator Gas Solutions

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