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The beginning of our company

The company was founded by the firm owner Markus Leimpek. Since he has been concerned with diving equipment and diving technics for years, he learnt that many plants and components in this area were qualitatively not satisfying. Since he is a diver himself, he benefits from his own experiences in this area.

Step by step

In 2009, LEIMPEK has become an experimental laboratory by the SGS-TÜV GmbH - a further milestone in its history. This was even the starting point for load change and bursting tests, which were also certified by the German TÜV.

In 2010, the LEIMPEK testing plant for deep-sea cameras was developed (operating depth: 2000m). The prototypes were tested by us during the developing phasse. The certification of cameras can be carried out by us since then.

From A to Z from a single source

In 2011, a high pressure tank for nitrogen (operating pressure: 690 bar) was manufactured for the first time. A year later, the construction of a high pressure tank was started, that is useful to treat electrical components in a fluid of alkaline phosphatase under a pressure of 60 bar. So LEIMPEK cares about everything: development, manufacturing, testing phase, TÜV certification and putting into operation.

In 2014, a bursting test plant up to 2500 bar for big CFK tanks of 100 litres, weighing 2 tonnes, was planned and manufactured. In the same year, bursting tests of gas tanks up to 1700 bar were realized for the first time. The tests were filmed by a high speed camera to record the process in detail.

Buiness goals:

Our company is quite small in the sector of high pressure technique. It is our aim to develop and manufacture single components as well as complete systems for filling, testing and production facilities. This spectrum is completed by various services.
It is our aspiration to expand our reputation and to achieve a further corporate growth. Thereby we especially try to regularly optimize our products to sastify our custormers constantly.

Services von Maximator Gas Solutions

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