Fire service Every seconds counts - The importance of rapidity and efficiency

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The most important task of firefighters is to save somebody's life and property. Not rarely do they risk their own life. This is the reason why it is so important to guarantee save and efficient working conditions, as for example pollution-free and clean breathing air.

This is where Maximator Gas Solutions comes in. We care about the efficient and the fast operated equipment for firefighters since it is the speed that counts.

Maximator Gas Solutions - complete service for high demands

The MAXIMATOR breathing air compressors we offer represent a maximum of quality. So breathing air cylinders can be filled as well as industry cylinders for pinch bars, blown up jumping cushions or rapid deployment tents. So breating air compressors can be extended by Maximator Gas Solutions components and systems to meet high demands.

The complete service by Maximator Gas Solutions represents high demands of process control, comfort and filling power. A fast supply with service parts as well as technical support and replacement service are no problem for us.

Services von Maximator Gas Solutions

Sie möchten eine neue Hochdruckanlage nach neustem Stand der Technik, die den Anforderungen auf lange Zeit genügt? Oder haben Sie etwas Neues vor und suchen nach Lösungen mit optimaler Wirtschaftlichkeit? - Gemeinsam planen und berechnen wir mit Ihnen Ihre perfekte Anlage von Maximator Gas Solutions

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