Compressors – MX140 / MX 250 / MX 600 MAXIMATOR compressors - convenient filling

The compressor stations by MAXIMATOR are a good choice to complete a high pressure storage. The compressors can be used with the following gases: helium, nitrogen, argon or oxygen. The tanks can be filled up to 300 bar.

MAXIMATOR compressors can be worked pneumatically or by electricity. Various additional equipment is available, as for example: pressure switches, directional valves, connectors, pressure filters, blocking and regulating valves.

Advantages of these compressors:

The compressors by Maximator are characterized by an easy usage. They can be used mobile or staionary. Because of their compact construction they are space-saving and they are worked pneumatically, so electrical energy is not needed.

Advantages of MAXIMATOR compressors are the valuable frame, stainless steel components, especially prepared oxygen compressors and indicating elements. Due to safety reasons there is a pressure switch to break the flow. An easy handling is possible because of the ergonomically integrated operator controls. The filling time can be reduced by a bypass-filling.

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